Master of Business Administration (MBA)
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MBA Graduation Requirements

Specification Courses Credits
Core Courses 10 45
Elective Courses 5
Management Consulting* 1 6
*Students who intend to pursue a further academic career may elect to take the RP5202 Research Project option in place of the MG5234 Management Consulting course. 1 9


CORE (choose 10) and COMPULSORY ELECTIVE (choose 1) COURSES for the MBA Program

Students are required to take the following courses.

No. CRN Course Description Core (C) Compulsory Elective (CE) Credits
1 AC5201 Principles of Accounting C 3
2 FN5201 Principles of Finance C 3
3 MG5201 Organizational Behavior C 3
4 MK5201 Marketing Management C 3
5 IS5201 Management Information Systems C 3
6 MG5202 Strategic Management C 3
7 OP5203 Project Management C 3
8 FN5203 International Economics C 3
9 OP5201 Quantitative Models for Decision Making C 3
10 RP5201 Research Methodology C 3
11 MG5234 Management Consulting CE 6
11 or Rp5202 Research Project CE 9
Total 36 or 39


ELECTIVE COURSES for the MBA Program (choose 5)

CRN Course Description Core (C) Compulsory Elective (CE) Credits
MG5221 Entrepreneurship E 3
OP5202 Quantitative Models & Operations Mgmt. E 3
OP5204 Production Management E 3
MK5208 eCommerce E 3
MG5214 Intercultural Management E 3
MG5235 Climate Change & Management E 3
AC5202 Managerial Accounting E 3
MG5229 Management and Organization E 3
FN5205 Principles of Corporate Finance E 3
MG5206 Organizational Leadership E 3
MG5207 Human Resource Management E 3
MG5230 Innovation Management E 3
MG5236 Corporate Governance E 3
Total Elective credits required (5 courses) 15
Total Courses to graduate 16
Total Credits to graduate 51 or 54


Business PlanStudents must have earned 51 credits in order to graduate from the MBA program. They must complete a minimum of the 16 core, core compulsory and elective courses:

Course codes:

  • AC Accounting
  • BL Business Law
  • EC Economics
  • FN Finance
  • IS Information Systems
  • MG Management
  • MK Marketing
  • OP Operations Management
  • RP Research Project

Introduction | Program | Admission Requirements

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