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DIU professors deliver all MBA courses via ‘Audio and Video Online Technonlogy. In these lectures, students are able to interact with their professors on a live basis from wherever they are, at work or home. E-LearningOur professors are also able to contact students on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (24/7) basis anywhere throughout the world.

DIU courses are pre recorded and can be uploaded from the DIU Webpage. The same process is followed when uploading course materials. as well DIU provides continuos access to its Online Library and students are able, through the use of their password access all of the materials when and whereever they would like.


DIU E-Library is accesible only by registered students. Please login to our E-Learning system, use your student ID number, and click on: "Link to DIU's ebrary site".
To get more information on ProQuest, Watch this video


DIU is now using "Softawre Secure" for all Online Examinations.
Software Secure's Remote Proctor Suite makes it possible to get all the benefits of secure, fully-proctored testing in remote environments, without the costs and hassles of going to a testing center or finding human proctors. With Remote Proctor, DIU can administer exams – to anyone, anywhere, and at any time – with full confidence that test takers are doing their own work without outside help.



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