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Delta International University MBA Tuition Fees 2011 - 2012

A non-refundable application fee of US$ 150 applies for all programs.

DIU offers the most affordable tuition fees compared with other universities in North America. For comparative MBA tuition fees click here.

Online Programs Tuition fees Payment plan
MBA approx US$188.25
per credit
monthly payment possible
51 credits, 16 course, 17 months*
Total cost of the program is US$ 9600 plus US$ 150 application fee

* Please note that for MBA students taking the research project, an additional 3 credits for a total of 54 will be required. Total cost of the program will be US$ 564 more.

Other Fees (payable upon graduation)

Textbooks where necessary:  
Each Additional Transcript Fee:  US $20.00
Document fee:  US $120.00 (degree plus transcript)
Registered mail document delivery fee:  US $80.00
FedEx document delivery fee:  US 180.00

Comparative MBA Tuition Fees for Selected Universities in USA and Canada 2010-2011

The following is a table that can be used to compare tuition fees at selected universities in North America and that any inquiries should be made directly to the university in question.

Please note that we are not reponsible for the complete accuracy of this information.

Tuition Fees
Source (November 2010)
Delta International University (DIU) US$ 9,600 - full MBA program * * Please note that these fees will be  reviewed following full accreditation
National University CA US$ 12,176 - full MBA program - online National University website
DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Mgmt. US$ 35,600 - full program - online Keller Graduate School of Mangement website
The George Washington University US$ 71,250 - full MBA program - online George Washington University website, 1250 per credit hour
McGill University, Montreal CAN $ 32,500 per yr. McGill MBA admissions website
Harvard Business School, Mass. US$ 48,600 per yr. Harvard MBA admissions website
Columbia University, NY US$ 53,208 per yr. Columbia University MBA admissions website
Stanford University, Stanford, CA US$ 53,118 per yr. Stanford University admissions website
MIT, Sloan School of Management, Mass. US$ 50,353 per yr. MIT Sloan School of Management admissions website

Late Payment Policy

Courses must be paid up before they begin. In certain cases however, DIU will permit a student to be late by a maximum of 2 courses at which point access to the e-learning system will be blocked. This policy can be applied only one time during the whole program. If this late course limit is exceeded then students will be denied further access to the program and must reapply in order to continue in the program.

Admission Requirements | Tuition Fees | Payment Options | Refund Policy | Credit Transfer | Graduation Requirements

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