Academic Calendar
Course Starting On Taught By
MG 5207 Human Resources Management Sep-10 M. Pawl
AC 5201 Accounting Oct-10 Dr. J. Levesque
MK 5208 Ebusiness Nov-10 Dr. G. Gardner
OP 5204 Project Management Dec-10 Dr. D. Tan
MG 5221 Entrepreneurship Jan-11 Dr. J. Levesque
MG 5234 Management Consulting Feb-11 Dr. J. Levesque
MG 5202 Strategic Management Mar-11 Dr. G. Gardner
FN 5203 International Economics Apr-11 M. Pawl
MK 5201 Marketing Management May-11 Dr. J. Levesque
MBA - MG 5214 Intercultural Management Jun-11 Dr. Carol-Anne Faint
MBA - RP 5202 Research Methodology Jul-11 To be updated
MPA - PA 5822 Policy Analysis and Development Jul-11 To be updated
MBA - MG 5206 Organizational Leadership Aug-11 To be updated
MBA - MG 5201 Organizational Behavior Sep-11 To be updated

* this schedule is subject to change

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