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Delta International University of New Orleans (DIU)

DIU is an undergraduate and graduate institution offering on line programs in business and public administration. The university operates from its headquarters in Louisiana, which functions both as an academic and administrative centre and from where planned international partnership programs will be run in the future.



DIU is an educational institution that has been built upon a vision which allows individuals from different nationalities and cultures to find the best in undergraduate and graduate international business education. DIU seeks to make its programs easily accessible, regardless of location or financial means. DIU aspires to ensure professional success by helping students develop the skills and talents necessary to excel in a fast-paced and changing world.                      


DIU offers undergraduate and graduate business education programs that provide high-quality training. By combining both the theoretical and best business practices, DIU readies its students to meet challenges as future managers in an increasingly globalizing world.

Philosophy and Founding Principles

DIU was formed upon the initiative of a number of business and management scholars who were motivated by a desire to create a global, competency-based management educational system.  This system is intended to provide a wide range of answers to the changing needs of companies and government operating within different economic and political systems.
Competency-based management education is defined as learning how to understand emerging business knowledge and technology, as well as the importance of sustainable management techniques.

DIU was founded upon the following set of principles:

1 – To be able to offer undergraduate and graduate degree on-line business programs that take the cultural diversity and location and of its students into account.  We are an educational institution that has been built upon a vision which allows individuals from different nationalities and cultures to find the best in undergraduate and graduate international business education.  This means that programs, courses, curricula and professors reflect an understanding and appreciation of these aspects and ensure that they are included in the overall student learning experience. 

2 – To enrich the learning environment by training students in both theory and practice by recommending learning materials that are backed up by proper research, are as current as possible, and allow regular communication of ideas and personal experience between students and professors.

3 – To make its programs easily accessible regardless of location or financial means.

Objectives of DIU Business Programs


1 – To provide students with advanced skills and knowledge so that they may combine theory and practice regarding concepts and issues generally faced by business managers.

2 – To ensure that our professors are qualified in their subject areas and that they have a sound grasp of the latest in business issues.

3 – To provide business training that encourages students to critically and creatively analyze, evaluate and execute and to teach them to develop independent thinking.

4 – To keep abreast of the newest in educational content and techniques with respect to international business practices and globalization issues.

5 – To make competency-based executive education fully accessible to as many as possible in the emerging economies.

6 – To stimulate cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Expected Learning Outcomes of DIU Business Programs

1 – The development of effective written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.

2 – The development of the ability to seek, select, organize, and synthesize data into a coherent, presentable and deliverable form.

3 – The development the ability to evaluate information, think critically and develop sound judgment.

4 – The ability to apply theoretical concepts to practical situations.

5 – The ability to take initiative and be able to work constructively through collaboration by independent effort.

6 – The maintenance and promotion of ethical business practices.


DIU E-Libraray

DIU E-Library is accesible only by registered students.
Please login to our E-Learning system, use your student ID number, and click on "ebrary", then, on: "Link to DIU's ebrary site".


The company was founded in 1983 as University Microfilms, and then changed to several names during the period, finally changed to ProQuest Information and Learning in 2001. The Proquest Research Library includes more than 5,500 titles – more than 4,000 in full text with the coverage from 1971 to present. Its content is estimated at 125 billion digital pages. It provides access to a wide range of the core academic titles, from business and the sciences to literature and politics. Proquest is ranked 65th in the nation's most innovative users of business technology (September 2011).

DIU fully protected remote Examination

DIU is now using "Softawre Secure" for all Online Examinations.
Software Secure's Remote Proctor Suite makes it possible to get all the benefits of secure, fully-proctored testing in remote environments, without the costs and hassles of going to a testing center or finding human proctors. With Remote Proctor, DIU can administer exams – to anyone, anywhere, and at any time – with full confidence that test takers are doing their own work without outside help. 



Vision, Mission, Goals | DIU Official Approval | Programs Offered | Sample Diplomas

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